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CU-BIT Digital Agency

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How it all started

In 2018. CU-BIT was created with the original idea to offer high quality IT consulting services on EU market. After only few months, our valuable clients started to recognize quality of services offered, and company started it's expansion.

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CU-BIT how it all started
CU-BIT In which direction we developed

In which direction CU-BIT developed

During the time, we have confirmed the fact that a high quality service is recognized and appreciated by our clients. In order to keep the quality, we have decided to invest even more into education of our employees, equipment which we are using, and most of all into our employees satisfaction. Our business is growing successfully over the years with the help of our employees.

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Where are we now

Hard work and dedication led us to success. We are successfully doing business on 8 different markets throughout Europe. Supporting those markets with various IT services, from basic technical support to innovative web design along with thorough software testing and software development.

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CU-BIT where are we now
What You Can Expect From a CU-BIT Digital Agency

What You Can Expect From a CU-BIT Digital Agency

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Definition of Digital Agencies

Digital agencies are strategic and creative marketing agencies focused on user experience, mobile, social, data gathering and analytics apart from providing creative services and promotional offerings (supported by analytics and optimization of the promotional mix). Once dominated by communications and promotional activities, digital agencies today help explore new sources of growth, including market diversification and product ideation and development. Leaders have business transformation consulting skills to help extend core businesses into the digital world.With most agencies able to work fully remotely at ease, the performance of these companies is uncompromised by the move to online working, and they can show you how to do the same.If you’re worried that your needs might be too complex for anyone to take on during the pandemic then rest assured that our agency will be accommodating of this.

Willing to work with you

A good agency has your best interests at heart and will listen to your feedback, be it good or bad. Communication is key, and it is important to truly understand what your goals are as a business, how you want to achieve them and what kind of timescale you are working towards. While doing work to ensure these expectations are met, it is also important to be honest and realistic about what can be achieved and when by, to avoid disappointment.A sense of understanding is key during this time as we slowly discover just how heavily impacted each individual business is by the change in the economy, and may be increasingly important over the coming months.

Adapt our package to your needs

CU-BIT Digital Agency expects your needs to fluctuate slightly as you discover which strategies are most effective for your business, but in the current time, these changes might need to be more significant than usual.You may find that your business needs have changed entirely since your initial meeting, and that’s ok. An agency that truly has your back will change and grow with you, making adjustments to the package on the way. After all, every agency should be testing new techniques to try and maximize the results of your campaigns, so adapting the service to suit you shouldn’t be a problem.

Work as an extension of your team

While you may not be sharing offices, or even meeting rooms, a good digital marketing agency should feel like an extra limb of the team, sharing a common goal and communicating with other employees. However frequently you agreed, there should be regular and positive communication between the two of you so that you are aware of any progress or challenges that the other might be facing at the current time.Last 2,5 years of COVID-19 time have been a test for many businesses and flexibility has been an imperative element of every company as they cope with the change that the pandemic has required. CU-BIT Digital agency is supporting international companies for more than 4 years working remotely with an ease. We faces many challenges, and overcome them together with our clients. We will continue to provide best possible service wherever possible