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How it all started

In 2018. our company was created with the original idea to offer high quality IT consulting services on EU market. After only few months, our valuable clients started to recognize quality of services offered, and company started it's expansion.

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CU-BIT how it all started
CU-BIT In which direction we developed

In which direction it developed

During the time, we have confirmed the fact that a high quality service is recognized and appreciated by our clients. In order to keep the quality, we have decided to invest even more into education of our employees, equipment which we are using, and most of all into our employees satisfaction. Our business is growing successfully over the years with the help of our employees.

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Where are we now

Hard work and dedication led us to success. We are successfully doing business on 8 different markets throughout Europe. Supporting those markets with various IT services, from basic technical support to innovative web design along with thorough software testing and software development.

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CU-BIT where are we now